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Making A Difference One Plate At A Time!

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We are fundraising to make the necessary changes to community food and workforce systems!

Collective Food Works Inc., whose mission is to create, collaborate and sustain equitable initiatives surrounding community food systems, food security, workforce development, and the necessary changes needed towards food sovereignty. Through our educational and training programs, focused on health, wellness, and sustainable agriculture, Collective Food Works aims to address food accessibility within communities, providing viable solutions for lasting change. Along with partner organization Collective Fare, a chef collaborative, catering, food production & culinary education company, Collective Food Works provides critical resources and tools to positively impact the future of food systems.

Our key pillars are focused on:

  • Community Food Systems & Access
  • Agriculture & Sustainability
  • Health & Wellness Culinary Education
  • Workforce Development, Training & Opportunities

All proceeds go to support our programs & initiatives

Meals For All BK! - Fighting food insecurity, one plate at a time by providing Healthy nutritious meals to those in need.

CulinaryPREP - Culinary training & Food Advocacy Program for all ages.

WORKFORCE+PATHWAYS - training the future leaders and innovators of the food, hospitality, and urban agriculture industry. Program participants can choose from several workforce & career tracks.

BLKMRKT - Farmers & Retail Markets - featuring the Greens & Things initiative

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As well as our partners @collectivefare